James and the Giant Peach - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

James lost his parents at a young age and now lives with his two horrid aunts. They make him work all day and never let him play. But one day a mysterious visit gives him some magical green crystals with the promise that these crystals will help him escape his life. Unfortunately before James can use the crystals he spills them on the old dead peach tree in the yard. The next day a giant peach has begun to grow on the long dead tree until it becomes so big it begins to attract a crowd. One day, after his aunts have cruelly locked him outside James finds a hole in the peach and crawls in. Inside he meets a plethora of new friends and then the peach begins to roll. The peach rolls all the way to the ocean and James' real adventure begins. 


A great book for students to read independently or in literature circles. Activities and novel studies are widely available online. Dahl's use of imagery and figurative language makes James a great book to use in the classroom. 


Lexile: 790L