The Three Little Gators - Helen Ketteman, Will Terry

A fun retelling of the classic pig story. Three little gators start out on their own in a Texas swamp. Their mother warns them to watch out for the Big-Bottomed Boar and to build their houses strong. The first gator builds his house out of strong rocks. The second reckons that building a house with rocks is too hard so he builds his house out of sticks. The third decides to make his build even easier by using sand. Soon the Big-Bottomed Boar shows up and with a bump of his rump he knocks over the houses of sand and sticks. But the Boar can't knock over the house of stones so he tries another way in - the chimney. What will happen next?


This book is a great way to show students that all stories can be rewritten and become new. After reading students can pick their own classic stories to retell and create new stories of their own. 


Lexile: AD560L