Mr. Popper's Penguins - Richard Atwater, Florence Atwater, Robert Lawson

Mr. Popper paints houses in little city of Stillwater. Once the house-painting season is over, Mr. Popper settles in for the winter to read his travel books. He dreams of going to Antarctica one day. But one day Antarctica comes to him, in the form of a penguin in a package sent from the Antarctic explorer Admiral Drake. The penguin lives with the Popper family and creates quite a stir in little Stillwater. Mr. Popper and his penguin are photographed together during a stroll around town, and this sparks the interest of the national papers. Soon, another penguin arrives by mail, and to keep them happy, Mr. Popper installs a large freezing plant in the cellar, where the penguins begin laying eggs, and two penguins turn into eight. What will Mr. Popper do with all these penguins? 


Mr. Popper's Penguins is a great book to read aloud with great illustrations and funny imagery. This novel lends itself very well to predictions as you try and figure out what this family is going to do with all these penguins. It also does a great job introducing the problem and solution text structure as the penguins create more and more problems for Popper to solve.


Lexile: 910L